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Extending Material Flow Cost Accounting to the Supply Chain – ISO 14052

Material Flow Cost Accounting, as with Carbon Accounting, now recognises the importance of incorporating supply chain issues and provides practical advice on application through ISO 14052 (2017). Dr Katherine Christ and Professor Roger Burritt  consider development of ISO 14052 in their article ‘Extending Environmental Cost Accounting to the Supply Chain’ published by the International Federation […]

Legal Systems, Internationalization and Corporate Sustainability

The following article has been accepted for publication and will shortly appear on Emerald Early cite. Hörisch, J., Burritt, R., Christ, K. and Schaltegger, S. (2017) ‘Legal Systems, Internationalization and Corporate Sustainability: An empirical analysis of the influence of national and international authorities’, Corporate Governance: The international Journal of Business in Society [Status: Accepted 14.5.17]. […]

Carbon risk – Australian companies underprepared?

With the USA possibly in the process of pulling out from the Paris agreement and definitely reducing the scope of EPA climate change activities it is chilling to learn from Jeff Tollefson, Major Report Prompts Warnings That the Arctic Is Unraveling (Nature magazine on April 28, 2017), that parts of the Arctic are already warming […]

Sustainability Reporting: GRI and SASB – just good friends

What is happening in corporate sustainability reporting? The GRI has provided a useful update with numerous web links which will help members, researchers and practitioners. Sustainability reporting is shrouded in controversy and there is a great need for research resources to be channelled in its direction. On 2 June 2016 Antonio Vives in his article entitled […]

Putting Sustainable Beef on the Table

Dr Katherine Christ and Professor Roger Burritt in their article ‘Putting Sustainable Beef on the Table‘ published on 3 February 2017 in The Sustainability Report, argue sustainability will only be achieved when the industry acknowledges it is only as strong as its most unsustainable farmer. “On the 11 of January in a move likely to […]

Sustainability and enterprise risk management: The first step towards integration

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has published a useful new Report on risk management entitled ‘Sustainability and enterprise risk management: The first step towards integration‘.  The Report is available here. The WBCSD comment as follows: “An organization’s enterprise risk management function plays a critical role in monitoring and managing the risks and opportunities that […]

Where is the world of professionals going?

Relevance and Professional Associations in 2026 NEW ACADEMIC PUBLICATION Available September 2016 Latest edition of the Academic Leadership Series, an annual publication produced by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand This year’s volume, published in conjunction with RMIT University, is the seventh in the series. Focusing on key issues for business and society in Australia […]