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Is the Accountancy profession past its use by date?

Who can say what will happen in 2061, 50 years hence? Scientists seem 100% certain Halley’s Comet whispered ‘I’ll be back’ when it last passed by the earth in 1986, before most people were born. But will the Accountancy profession be here to welcome it? Ask members of the profession, management of professional associations, academics, […]

Critical or managerialist – what drives sustainability accounting?

“Sustainability Accounting and Reporting: Fad or Trend?” by Roger L. Burritt and Stefan Schaltegger, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 23(7), 2010, pp. 829–846, is reviewed in the Social and Environmental Accountability Journal by Anna Young from the University of Sydney. Anna comments “Burritt and Schaltegger’s review of the extant sustainability accounting and reporting literature presents […]

Can accountants help towards sustainable aviation?

Aimed at members of the  profession, the article ‘Accounting for Sustainable Aviation’ published in Charter September 2011 draws attention to the importance of sustainable fuels for the future of the global airline industry, and the role that strategic leaders in the profession might play in developing  accounting  for biofuels. The authors, Professor Roger Burritt, Professor […]

Why integrate your reports?

Why integrate your reports? To be seen as clean and green? Or to help embed others in a better state? Almost as a side issue Global Financial Crisis Mark 1 highlighted the crisis over corporate reporting content and quality with the need for environmental and social ramifacations of business activities to be accounted for. The […]

Bridging the gap – accounting research and practice

A thought leadership book on ‘Bridging the gap between academic accounting research and professional practice’ has just been published’ by the Centre for Accounting, Governance and Sustainability (CAGS) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (the Institute). Originally presented at a Forum held at the University of South Australia in February 2011 a range […]