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The need for monetary information within corporate water accounting

A new publication by Professor Roger Burritt from the Fenner School of Environment and Society, College of Medicine, Biology & Environment, The Australian National University, and Dr Katherine Christ from the University of South Australia Business School, Adelaide, is available in the Journal of Environmental Management. Citation: Burritt R. and Christ, K. (2017) ‘The Need for […]

Extending Material Flow Cost Accounting to the Supply Chain – ISO 14052

Material Flow Cost Accounting, as with Carbon Accounting, now recognises the importance of incorporating supply chain issues and provides practical advice on application through ISO 14052 (2017). Dr Katherine Christ and Professor Roger Burritt  consider development of ISO 14052 in their article ‘Extending Environmental Cost Accounting to the Supply Chain’ published by the International Federation […]

Carbon risk – Australian companies underprepared?

With the USA possibly in the process of pulling out from the Paris agreement and definitely reducing the scope of EPA climate change activities it is chilling to learn from Jeff Tollefson, Major Report Prompts Warnings That the Arctic Is Unraveling (Nature magazine on April 28, 2017), that parts of the Arctic are already warming […]

Water Management Accounting: A Framework for Corporate Practice

The following article has been accepted for publication: Christ, K. and Burritt, R., (2017) ‘Water Management Accounting: A Framework for Corporate Practice’,  Journal of Cleaner Production, tba [Status: Accepted 23 March] [Refereed] [Quality: A] [Weight: 5] [Mission Code: REP-PUBLICATIONS] Abstract Water initiatives for business and in business have ballooned in the 2010’s because of concerns […]

Local Government Use of Environmental Management Accounting for Waste and Recycling Services

Wei Qian, Roger Burritt and Gary Monroe have the following paper ‘Environmental Management Accounting in Local Government: Functional and Institutional Imperatives’, accepted for publication in Financial Accountability and Management, expected in 34[3], in 2018. The Abstract is provided below for information as early view is not yet available. However, a copy is accessible on SSRN at […]

Supply Chain-oriented Corporate Water Accounting: a Research Agenda

Shortly to appear on Emerald EarlyCite is the following article: Christ, K. and Burritt, R. (2017), ‘Supply Chain-oriented Corporate Water Accounting: a Research Agenda’, Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, 8[2] Abstract Purpose Water is critical to all life on Earth and a crucial business resource which evidence suggests is often mismanaged. Corporate water accounting […]


A new article soon to be published by Professor Roger Burritt and Dr Katherine Christ comments on the relationship between Industry 4.0 and environmental accounting. Burritt, R. and Christ, K. (2016) ‘Environmental Accounting and Industry 4.0: a New Revolution?’ Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility (AJSSR) [Forthcoming] ABSTRACT The paper seeks to examine how, through […]