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Educating accountants: or is it too late?

Is accounting education to remain a game of trivial pursuit? In Australia on 17 June 2013 it was quite a shock to wake up to hear the Former Defence Force chief Admiral Chris Barrie on TV saying that if the world continues down its current course of activities there will be no humans alive in […]

Is the Accountancy profession past its use by date?

Who can say what will happen in 2061, 50 years hence? Scientists seem 100% certain Halley’s Comet whispered ‘I’ll be back’ when it last passed by the earth in 1986, before most people were born. But will the Accountancy profession be here to welcome it? Ask members of the profession, management of professional associations, academics, […]

Accounting firm provides carbon critique of biofuels

The accountancy firm Ernst and Young in a new report has waded into the debate about carbon emissions from biofuels. Over 100 top scientists and economists have written to the European Commission calling for indirect land use change to be accounted for in EU biofuels policy making. Why? Because some biofuels do not have a […]