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Accountancy and the UN Sustainability Development Goals

The Head of Professional Accountants in Business and Integrated Reporting at the International Federation of Accountants,  Stathis Gould, says it is Time to Act. In an article on their Knowledge Gateway entitled “Time to Act: The Accountancy Profession’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals” Stathis tries to awaken concern of accountants for one of the critical […]

Uncorking economic, environmental benefits of wine on tap

Katherine Christ and Roger Burritt, Macquarie University New retail technology is set to change the environmental credibility of the wine industry. Reports from Canada and Australia both indicate that kegged wine on tap will help reduce the environmental footprint of the wine industry as well as improve profitability. Restaurants and bars can purchase their wine in bulk and sell an […]

Samarco mine costs will make for more than one ‘difficult year’ at BHP

From The Conversation November 20, 2015 11.38am AEDT Authors Roger Burritt, Professor of Accounting and Sustainability, Macquarie University and Dr Katherine Christ, Researcher in Accounting and Sustainability, Macquarie University BHP chairman Jac Nasser says this year will be one of BHP’s most difficult. Richard Wainwright/AAP It is now two weeks since the Samarco tailings dam failure […]

The Water Crisis and Management: Implications for Accountants in Business

There will be a special session on ‘Responsible and sustainable water supply-chain management and governance’ held at the European Academy of Management 2016 in Paris 1-4 June. For background about water management and the conference Call for Papers see the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) Gateway site. Dr. Katherine Christ and Professor Roger Burritt have recently joined […]

How BHP and Vale react next to Brazilian dam failure will be critical

by Roger Burritt, Professor in Accounting and Sustainability, Macquarie University and Dr Katherine Christ, Researcher and Tutor in Accounting and Sustainability, Macquarie University. Two of the world’s largest miners, Australia’s BHP and Brazil’s Vale have been rocked by last Friday’s dam burst at the jointly-owned Samarco iron ore mine in Brazil, as efforts to recover the […]

Australia just a sustainability cog in the global supply wheel?

Agnes King of The Australian Financial Review reports on p.13, 2 September 2015: “Big four professional services firms are ramping up their climate change and sustainability practices at a rate not seen since 2007 when Kevin Rudd ratified the Kyoto Protocol. The investment indicates that despite Australia’s international reputation as a laggard on carbon emissions […]

The business case for water saving when you are watching others drowning in the pouring rain

In their water briefing on 23 February 2015 the University of Cambridge suggests a call for action through a business case for safeguarding nature. Academics always seem to be late on the scene when it comes to nature and the current suggestion, and while welcome by those of us looking to see some sign of […]