With the USA possibly in the process of pulling out from the Paris agreement and definitely reducing the scope of EPA climate change activities it is chilling to learn from Jeff Tollefson, Major Report Prompts Warnings That the Arctic Is Unraveling (Nature magazine on April 28, 2017), that parts of the Arctic are already warming […]

The HONEST Act (H.R. 1430), designed to constrain use of certain evidence in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s decision making, is moving through the US Parliament. The House of Representative passed the Bill by a vote of 228 to 194 and it now moves on to the Senate. The argument is that the HONEST Act will block the EPA […]

What is happening in corporate sustainability reporting? The GRI has provided a useful update with numerous web links which will help members, researchers and practitioners. Sustainability reporting is shrouded in controversy and there is a great need for research resources to be channelled in its direction. On 2 June 2016 Antonio Vives in his article entitled […]

Call for papers from: Professor Zahirul Hoque, Tel +61 3 9479 3433 e-mail: z.hoque@latrobe.edu.au See here for full details. Keynote speakers: Professor Trevor Hopper (Sussex University, UK) and Professor Alan Lowe (RMIT University, Australia) Online submission deadline: 31 July 2017 “We are pleased to announce that the fifth biennial international conference of the Global Accounting […]

Wending its way through the Parliament of Australia and currently at Bill stage in the House of Representatives is the Petroleum and Other Fuels Reporting Act 2017. If passed, like carbon emissions reporting, it will be a topic to keep an eye on, for academics and practitioners alike. The objectives of the Act are: (a)  […]

Corporations have legal standing – they can sue and be sued in their own name. Now three rivers have standing and can sue and be sued in their own name too. These rivers, two in India and one in New Zealand, have guardians and some funding. In India the rivers are to be treated as minors […]

The following article has been accepted for publication: Christ, K. and Burritt, R., (2017) ‘Water Management Accounting: A Framework for Corporate Practice’,  Journal of Cleaner Production, tba [Status: Accepted 23 March] [Refereed] [Quality: A] [Weight: 5] [Mission Code: REP-PUBLICATIONS] Abstract Water initiatives for business and in business have ballooned in the 2010’s because of concerns […]