Can accountants help towards sustainable aviation?

Aimed at members of the  profession, the article ‘Accounting for Sustainable Aviation’ published in Charter September 2011 draws attention to the importance of sustainable fuels for the future of the global airline industry, and the role that strategic leaders in the profession might play in developing  accounting  for biofuels.

The authors, Professor Roger Burritt, Professor Stefan Schaltegger and Joanne Tingey-Holyoak, ask whether accountants might help towards sustainability. The authors suggest: accounting for sustainability performance through introduction of biofuels, development of a mind-set which is aware of all the players in the value chain, and clear identification of direct and indirect fixed and variable costs of fuel switching. What are your views about the links between accountants and biofuels roll out in the airline industry?

Check the ‘Accounting for Sustainable Aviation’ paper here.


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